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What Types of Christian Business Coaching are available?

There are four main ways Christian entrepreneur coaches can lead you.  Coaching can be direct, indirect or a group effort.

  • A one-on-one entrepreneur coach has dedicated time (and prayer) to you and you alone. You can be very specific on what you ask and you’ll have a detailed plan of action to follow.  You have time to really get to know your entrepreneur coach and they get to know you well enough to help you smooth out those rough areas we all have.
  • Christian entrepreneur group coaching experience allows you to learn from the experience of others. You’ll want to note that not all of it will apply to you and everyone is at a different level.  You may find the group too basic or too far ahead of you that you have trouble keeping up.  The good thing about it is that you’ll receive a great broad sense of learning about business and how it is impacted by faith. 
  • Christian entrepreneur mastermind groups have an opportunity where everyone pitches in to help one another. There is power in a group that all comes together to help each another.  On the downside, there is limited time, so only certain people can be helped at each meeting.  A good leader will limit each person’s time so that more individuals can be helped in a coordinated and caring manner.
  • Christian Entrepreneur Courses are kind of a DIY (do it yourself) way to get Christian Entrepreneur Coaching at an affordable pricing. This type of coaching does not come with accountability, nor do you have personal interaction with the Christian coach.  Basically, you are taking a course for a specific purpose in your business.

Whatever way you choose, I highly suggest staying out of the free online groups.  Keep in mind that everyone is selling something.  If they are hiding what they are selling behind the veil of free, is that the kind of coach you want to follow? 

You want to find a group of ‘like-minded’ and like level entrepreneurs. In other words, if you are new entrepreneur, get a newbie group.  If you are more experienced, your group will probably cost a bit more, but the experience overall is much more worth it.

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What is our process?

STEP 1: Pray about what you need in your business.  The more you identify your needs the better it will be to get started with a good business coach.  Of course, if you can’t figure it out, we are here to help you with that, too.

STEP 2: Meet with our Christian Entrepreneur Coach by Scheduling a quick “Get To Know You”Session.

During our no pitch call, we assess your goals, your needs and where you are in your growth as an entrepreneur and as a Christian.  (Don’t worry, we are not here to judge, but to help!)

STEP 3: Decide based on the valueable insight from your session You can decide to work with us or we may refer you to another resource to get you on the right path.  You may receive just what you needed from this one session.

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We can help from creation to implementation.  If you don’t have an idea, we even have a business for you.

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