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Rev Lyle Business Coach

God is our CEO

God First. Business Second. Faith Always.

Reverend Lyle (he goes by his first name) has been in Christian Coaching since 2009 when he met with a small group to help them get started in business.  That grew into Lyle helping a few churches get the message of Jesus online with websites and social media.

Lyle has a Master’s Degree in Christian Education; Bachelor’s Degree in Religion; Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication (Advertising).  He is a certified life coach and a certified digital marketer.  He is also a licensed and ordained minister. 

Lyle spent over 20 years in direct church ministry.  God used that time to hone his skills and then called Lyle into ministry with business owners.  He developed after meeting with a Christian coach and Christian business group.  He saw the need for solid Christian teaching in a practical manner.


Lyle learns to lead

Quick story about coaching

I’m just like everyone else.  I’m trying to keep my faith alive and grow my business.  After many years in ministry, God called me to work with business owners. I helped a few churches develop websites, then I saw the need for a deeper understand about business.

I helped a few entrepreneurs lay out a vision for their business.  I helped them set up all their online assets.  It was exciting. God was working in their lives and the lives that they impacted.

Then, I noticed all the broken families and loss of vision from other entrepreneurs.  I wanted to help and it broke my heart.  I went to a couple of events and met a lady name Leigh who was great at getting people to take action.  She asked my opinion about a project.

She was female entrepreneur who had already made her first million, but wanted to pursue a passion project.  After one session, she had a clear vision for the project she had in her heart for years.  She said, “Lyle, I’ve paid tens of thousands to people who couldn’t do what you just did after meeting for you for just one hour. You should do more of this coaching thing.”

I write this humbly, not to brag on Lyle, but to brag on what God has done through Lyle.

woman pryaing with Bible Christian Entrepreneur Coach
woman with Bible Christian Entrepreneur Coach


Why I Coach

During biblical times everyone was an entrepreneur.  When you read about Paul, he was a tentmaker.  When you read about Peter, he was a fisherman.  They didn’t talk about coaching because their faith was an integrated part of what they did.  These business owners followed Jesus.  They stepped where He stepped and ate what He ate.  He was their coach.  There is so much wisdom about business in scripture, we just need to find it and release the power of God, our CEO, into our business. With prayer and a biblical foundation to coaching, I want to help others grow their faith and their business.

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